Why you should buy TCL 55C715 4K QLED Android TV

Why you should buy TCL 55C715 4K QLED Android TV

Why TOP TV Services pick TCL 55C715 4K QLED Android TV as the best luxury TV for the common man

Every common man’s household has an LED TV, but Why TCL for the common man, TOP TV explains Why? The LED-backlit LCD panels are present in most of the TVs, which are the most preferred TV displays among all the other LED panels. Still, the performance differs based on the technology used. Customers who prefer a more premium viewing experience, OLED is usually recommended. However, OLED TVs are costly and exceed most buyers’ budgets. But nowadays, there is now a middle ground – QLED or Quantum Dot LED TVs are available in the market. These televisions fill the gap between LED and OLED by offering a boosted LED experience of sorts.


Although QLED TVs have been expensive, recent launches from Samsung and OnePlus have made this screen tech much more reasonably priced than before. Why TCL LED TV is the best luxury TV for the common man? Because following this trend now is TCL, with the C715 series. TCL has a strong presence in India’s affordable space and is currently expanding into more premium segments with its latest television range. It comes soon after the launch of its P715 series in India.

Let us review the 55-inch TCL 55C715 television priced approximately at Rs. 55,990. This 4K QLED TV has full support for Dolby Vision. It offers a better viewing experience for a price that’s just a bit higher than many other popular 55-inch LED TVs. TOP TV Services feel happy to educate its customers with this review. If any of our customers are looking for TCL TV Service center in Trivandrum, then send us a message or call us on 8113033311


TCL 55C715 Spec and Design

Why TCL for the common man Top TCL TV Service Centres in Trivandrum, Best TCL repair 8113033311

Most families suggest a 55- inch LED TV. The TCL 55C715 comes with variant sizes of 50, 55, and 63-inches. This Television looks good with a metal frame. The TV’s borders are narrow. There’s a TCL logo at the bottom, and a fabric-wrapped module right below that holds the IR receiver and indicator lights. The back of the TCL 55C715 is plastic, while it’s slim near the edges, which is distributed non uniformly.

The ports of TCL 55C715 face are to the right side of the screen, but the power socket is on the left. The TV is embroidered, with three HDMI ports, two USB ports, one LAN port and, digital audio out (Optical), Antenna In socket, a single AV-In socket, and a 3.5mm audio out socket for headphones or speakers. You can connect the TV to the Internet using Wi-Fi 2.4GHz and 5GHz. The sockets and ports are easy to access.

Television has both with stands in the box to table-mount it, but it is possible to wall-mount the TV. So far TOP TV Services have very fewer customers for TCL Led TV repair in Trivandrum. In case any of our readers have any problem with TCL LED TV, please contact us on +91-8113033311

The main highlight of TCL 55C715 is that it has a 55-inch Ultra-HD (3840×2160 pixels) QLED screen and plays high dynamic range videos up to Dolby Vision standards. Local dimming, with 1,296 zones, permits for significant dimming of darker zones. A dual-speaker system with 30W of output and sound formats up to the Dolby Atmos and DTS-HD formats are available. The TV has 16GB of in-built storage and a 2GB of RAM and for apps and games. A 64-bit quad-core processor powers the TV memory. Now you have a good reason Why TCL LED TV is the best luxury TV for the common man?

TCL 55C715 Performance

Why TCL for the common man TCL Service Centre for performance issue in Trivandrum Customer Care

The TV offers a decent viewing experience with all kinds of content. The viewers will enjoy watching Ultra-HD Dolby Vision content on the 55C715. They will also be equally impressed with how the TV handled lower resolution content up to full-HD.

Online streaming services on the Television are in 4K and Dolby Vision or HDR10, respectively, and other services.

Dolby Vision works best with OLED and QLED TVs because of the better colors and brightness which are visible on the TCL TV.

Playing any Dolby Vision content usually automatically adjusts the picture, using one of two Dolby Vision viewing modes to get the brightness and color levels matching for this Television. The TCL 55C715 has a similar configuration for HDR10 content; also, the TV performs well with the programs on Amazon Prime Video and our sample video clips. However, it took some effort to get the color and brightness settings right with standard dynamic range content. Non-HDR 4K content looked good enough after careful tuning. All these reasons can once again assure you that TCL LED TV is the best luxury TV for the common man.


The TCL 55C715 has 1,296 zones with micro-dimming. Setting it to a lower level considerably improves the picture, allowing for deeper blacks in some dark content. While blacks are not that deep as the actual pixel-off blacks usually seen in other OLED TVs, thereby the TCL 55C715 performs more like a QLED TV.

A full-HD was decent enough as the TCL 55C715 did an excellent work of upscaling. Watching film series on the TCL TV, the picture was not that impressive than with 4K content because of the 55-inch screen size but was still enjoyable and comfortable to watch. Colors and brightness live up to their standards, but sharpness has to improve.

When it comes down to 720p and standard definition content, it is a little enjoyable. The TV didn’t perform upscaling the range, further impacted by the large screen. Just like the case with the vast majority of the mid-range and top of the line TVs, the TCL 55C715 isn’t precisely directly for you on the off chance that you watch a ton of standard definition content such as older YouTube videos and cable or DTH TV.

The sound quality on the TCL 55C715 is just about fine; it’s clear enough at medium levels, with less volume fluctuation, and is suitable for the audio of most movies and TV shows. You can adjust the sound mode to concentrate on vocals, which causes you to hear dialogues.

Since this is a large TV with commendable picture quality, we’d recommend a good speaker system for a matching sound experience. The built-in speakers do not match the screen’s standards, and even excellent audio format support doesn’t make enough difference.

TCL 55C715 remote and features

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Hands-free voice control is available on the TCL 55C715, and the TV is always listening for the command “Hey Google.” The TV lets you access Google Assistant with only your voice, similar to how smart speakers such as Google Homework. You can toggle this with a small physical switch at the bottom right corner of the TV.

Voice control worked well for us. The viewers can give commands to Google Assistant for functions other than what is on the TV, such as setting timers and reminders. You can also request information or ask Google Assistant to open specific apps or content itself.

However, the pairing process is quick and easy, which means it is of little inconvenience.

TCL 55C715 software and interface

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The TCL 55C715 runs on Android TV 9 Pie. Some tweaks, including the TCL launcher, and a few additional items when it comes to specific apps. The Google Play store is present, and users can install some other apps as well.

The TCL Launcher has similarities with Xiaomi’s PatchWall interface, in which it promotes content rather than apps. For this TV Android TV interface. The TV has a quick boot mode.

Please feel free to call us for any inquiries related to TCL LED TV or its repairs. We are always available on +91-8113033311 and www.toptvservices.com


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