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TOP 5 Best TVs of 2020

TOP 5 Best TVs of 2020

Do you know, what are the TOP 5 Best TVs of 2020? You have many choices to pick a television. Top TV Services is going to bifurcate the best TVs on the market. We will discuss the picture quality features and size to find out the most suitable for you, so stay glued to reading our below findings.

 Samsung 4K Q60 Smart TV

why Samsung 4K Q60 Smart is the best tv in 2020

Samsung 4K Q60 Smart

Our selection for an excellent value for money TV if a budget-friendly TV suits your requirements, then Samsung offers the 4K Q60, then the Q60 is our suggestion for you. This TV definitely fits in the list of TOP 5 Best TVs of 2020. It provides a nice 43-inch QLED based 4K display for under good money, with a bright, beautiful presentation and color display. A smart Quantum Processor drives excellent 4K quality while also upscaling lesser resolution content for sharp detail and vibrancy. Quantum HDR technology ensures 10-bit high dynamic range quality that creates a clear contrast between shades. It also supports Ambient Mode, which enables us to broadcast photos and other visual content to make your wall engaging.

This TV also has excellent viewing angles, so people sitting off two sides won’t have trouble seeing what’s playing. This TV also integrates BIXBY Voice command Technology to help search. It includes excellent compatibility with Alexa and Google Assistant, among others. The Samsung Q60 provides bright, vibrant visuals and excellent color reproduction at a perfect price point, making it an outstanding value for money option. The Q60 may not live up to OLED TVs when it comes to rich blacks and deeper colors, but it delivers reliable 4K performance at a fraction of the cost of an OLED TV. Hence TOP TV recommends this for our customers.

 LG C9 series smart OLED TV

why LG C9 series smart OLED is the best tv in 2020

LG C9 Series Smart OLED

TOP TV picks LG C9 series smart OLED TV for the best OLED TV.  OLED panels are adept at handling the ultra-bright high dynamic range HDR picture format and had become the cutting edge television technology. If you’re looking for a 4K OLED TV and you’re ready to spend some money in return for an accurate dynamite display, the LG C 9 series is a top pick, accompanied with features designed to provide the best OLED viewing experiences around.  An A 9 GEN 2 processor powers the C9 with 4 step noise reduction that brings images to life by enhancing picture quality. You will love the crisp incredible detail vivid 10bit color. It also showcases some great-looking HDR with the support of Dolby Vision technology and Dolby Atmos sound and wireless 5.1 audio.

The C9 even has Nvidia G-sync technology that culminates in screen tearing and video games. Your smart devices in your home can also integrate with Alexa, Google Assistant, and LG THINQ for more accessibility through your TV. The only downside to an otherwise great TV is the limited selection of the live video services that are found on the competing ROKU TV or Amazon FIRETV platforms. However, from Netflix to Amazon prime, if you don’t want to settle when it comes to picture quality, and you’re after a top OLED panel that justifies its asking price, the C9 is the one for you. This OLED TV will reward you with stunning absolute best in class picture quality while at the same time remaining one of the best price OLEDs on the market. That’s why TOP TV Services find this one as one of the TOP 5 Best TVs of 2020.


Sony Bravia X950G

why Sony Bravia X950G is the best tv in 2020

Sony Bravia X950G

The Sony Bravia X950G is an excellent TV for color accuracy. Sony Bravia X950G is our pick for one among TOP 5 Best TVs of 2020. If you don’t tolerate anything short of perfection when it comes to color accuracy from your television, then the Sony Bravia X950G might represent the end of your search. It features exceptionally accurate color representation right out of the box with no need to manually calibrate or tweak it’s settings, plus it’s a great 4K HDR TV with smart functionality built-in. The X950G has X- Reality pro-technology built-in for fantastic picture quality.

The X950G also supports Dolby’s Vision for enhanced HDR quality, significant detail levels in excellent contrast to make colors and visuals pop.  It shines, though, is its Triluminos Super-Bit Mapping Support for better accuracy and color reproduction.  The TV is also smart to upscale it’s lower resolution content while offering best-in-class motion handling free if juddering and motion blur. However, you can play a video game on this TV, designed with superb color accuracy in mind, which is great if you live images that burst with realistic lifelike and vibrant color. Picture quality is outstanding and sure to impress even the most difficult TV critic.


Samsung Q90R QLED 4K TV

why Samsung Q90R QLED 4K is the best tv in 2020

Samsung Q90R QLED 4K

Now, this is our pick for a great overall TV.

The Samsung Q90R offers up stunning QLED picture quality and glorious 4K. It’s one of the most feature-packed TVs in its class, not only because of its picture but also the hardware that drives it.  If you’re looking for aa all-rounded TV with an incredible picture-packed into a skinny chassis, then the Q90 series is an excellent contender with sizes from 65 to 82 inches, prices between twenty-six hundred and fifty-three hundred dollars. The Q90 hits all the right marks for a QLED TV.

Contrast is pleasant even when viewed off to the side with only the slightest hint of grey uniformly issues to complain about, and it’s brightness as an SDR and HDR modes, and the black uniformity is really noticeable, making it an opponent to OLED TVs which typically handle deep blacks better than QLED displays. It requires some manual calibration, but otherwise, the colors are fantastic.

The response time is swift, and there’s no discernible flicker to the picture the Q90 also features ambient mode to give your TV space an artistic purpose when not in use, and it hangs on the wall beautifully with no gap wall mount, you have many options including BIXBY Voice assist for some added convenience. The Samsung Q90 takes QLED displays a step further and makes them a worthy contender to OLED based TVs. If you want a stunning picture of great quality and excellent contrast, even in low light, the Q90 has a lot to offer.

Toshiba 32inch Fire TV Edition.


This is TOP TV’s best pick for an economic HDTV. If you are not in need of a 4K TV and a smart TV will let you watch your favorite movies and TV Series, the Toshiba 32inch Fire Edition TV is the best TV for you. This TV does not represent the best image quality, but it includes some decent integrated features and is very affordable. Amazon’s Fire TV interface supports this TV, making it easy to find your favorite content across a nice range of streaming services, including YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, and Disney plus. There’s even an option to connect an HD antenna to watch over-the-air programming for free. The TV integrates well with Alexa, which allows you to search apps and programs hunt for great TV shows and movies and control your home smart devices all within the same interface.

At 32 Inches, the Toshiba Fire Edition TV is not only budget-friendly but also used as a pc monitor for extra connectivity options. It comes with all the necessary ports you’d need for a TV, including three HDMI ports composite video input USB and Ethernet ports as well as Wi-Fi support. If you’re sure on cash or want a simple, straightforward TV with no bells whistles or high display resolutions, then the Fire TV is for you. It’s a small TV with an excellent OS interface to find what you’re looking for without sailing well past your budget limit. TOP TV will introduce you to the best products on the market. So if you are confident about the TOP 5 Best TVs of 2020 and want to know what the best gear out there is, hit our like button.

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