Best TV Brands of 2020

Best TV Brands of 2020

TOP Brands for TVs

Top TV Service is going to review the Best TV Brands of 2020. We are choosing the brands which have shown its prominence in the industry for the last few decades. Among them are our customer’s favorite TV Brands. Let us have a look at it.

Why Samsung is the Best TV Brands of 2020

Why samsung is the Best TV Brands of 2020

People consider Samsung as one of the giants in electronics companies worldwide. Other than TVs, Samsung manufactures telephones, mobiles, soundbars, home appliances, monitors, and other items. Even though they’ve begun delivering OLED cell phones, they presently yet to make any OLED TVs. Still, their QLED TVs are excellent substitutes for customers who can’t afford the permanent burn-in often seen with OLED TVs. The Quantum Dot layer on these QLEDs enhances their color gamut. The majority of their TVs use a VA panel, which generally has an outstanding contrast ratio and average viewing angles. In 2019, Samsung incorporated an ‘Ultra Viewing Angle’ layer into the Samsung Q90/Q90R QLED, Samsung Q80/Q80R QLED, and the Samsung Q900/Q900R 8k QLED to enhance their viewing angles at the expense of their original contrast.

Samsung introduced many upgrades in terms of gaming performance for their TVs in the last few years. They usually have low input lag. Their top of the line models has a 120Hz refresh rate with FreeSync variable refresh rate which support to reduce screen tearing, which often impresses serious gamers. Samsung uses TizenOS as its smart interface, which is user-friendly and has a ton of apps available to download. Their TVs typically have great out-of-the-box color accuracy. Still, sometimes, issues come up when you first get them, so Samsung releases regular updates to fix any problems. Samsung introduced new features to their TVs after their release, like AirPlay. Any customer can update their TV and keep it future-proofed with the latest features, as long as the hardware supports it.

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Why LG is the Best TV Brands of 2020

Why lg is the Best TV Brands of 2020

LG was the pioneer in OLED TVs, which are revolutionary because they’re not the same as LED TVs. One of OLED’s main characteristics is that they can turn off pixels one by one, so they’re able to display a perfect contrast ratio and black uniformity, and subtitles are displayed correctly. OLED TVs have a quick response time, and most of LG’s higher-end, newer OLED TVs, like the LG C9, also come equipped with HDMI Forum VRR, which helps reduce screen tearing. OLEDs’ major downside is that they have the risk of permanent burn-in, but this shouldn’t be a problem if you watch varied content. It only causes a bit of discomfort if you manage content with static displays like the NEWS. LG has some features to mitigate this issue, such as a Pixel Refresher and Logo Luminance Adjustment option. LG’s OLED TVs are not very bright, either.

Aside from LG’s flagship OLED TVs, they also produce cheaper LED TVs in their Nano Cell series. Most of these TVs have IPS panels with wide viewing angles at the cost of its contrast ratio. The LG SM9500 and LG NANO85 have some of the best native contrast we’ve seen on an IPS TV so far. These TVs are ideal for expansive seating arrangements. It best fits in a conference room with a wide range of sizes. WebOS is the operating software for LG, which is very handy. The app store showcases a wide variety of apps. Also, the TVs come with a Magic Remote. You can use it as a point-and-press remote, like a mouse, or use it with the typical navigation buttons, which is very convenient.

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Why Sony is the Best TV Brands of 2020

Why sony is the best TV Brands of 2020

Sony is one of the aged companies and most reputable names in the consumer electronics industry. They have a wide range of products like Walkmans, cameras, PlayStation and TVs. At present, Sony focuses mainly on making mid to high-end TV pricing slightly more significant than its competitors. Sony TVs are very sturdy, and their quality control is up to the standards. They utilize all types of panels, and like LG, OLEDs showcases as their flagship models. Like any other manufacturers, Sony has released an 8k TV, although targeting TV lovers. Sony TVs are well known for their color accuracy and beautiful motion handling. They have a bit higher input lag when compared with LG or Samsung TVs, but it’s enough for usual gamers.

FreeSync variable refresh rate technology to be implemented to their TVs, which reduces screen tearing when gaming. For several years, Sony had their TV operating system, but lately, most of them have been running on Android TV. Android TV has the Google Assistant for voice control and is excellent for users. It also allows the viewers to have access to any amount of apps from the Google Play Store and. Finally, Sony TVs are incredibly versatile and a good performer with any visual content. For example, Sony X800H is a decent mid-range TV that most people prefer to have at home.

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 TCL also claims to be on the top notch

Why tcl is the Best TV Brands of 2020

TCL is a newcomer in making TV, from China. Although they have many types of products in their credit, ranging from mobile phones to home appliances, their TVs have drawn the most attraction. TCL’s Roku TVs became immensely popular due to their ease of use and affordable price. Their premium models can compete with more popular and other accepted brands. After joining the QLED Alliance with Samsung and Hisense, they have unraveled their first QLED TVs, the 8 Series, which runs on Roku OS.

TCL usually makes TVs with VA panels are known to have a high contrast ratio but low viewing angles. There are a few budget models with a 1080p or 720p resolution, mainly in the smaller sizes, but they generally prefer 4k. All of TCL TVs have low input lag delivering good gaming experience. But advanced gaming features like FreeSync is lacking. Till now, only their pioneers, 8 Series TVs, have a standard 120Hz refresh rate. However, their TVs perform remarkably well for their price point. TCL has improved a lot in the years, which makes them a player this year.

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